Increasing Your Chances at Grabbing Culinary Scholarships

Culinary schools can be expensive with a capital E! Not surprising considering how most of the education includes hands-on-cooking. This means buying all sorts of ingredients as well as cooking utensils to help you make those amazing recipes.

Fortunately, there are culinary scholarships available today. Sure, the demand may be more than the supply – but that shouldn’t stop you from applying! Following are some tips on how to increase your chances:

Go Small

BIG Culinary Scholarships might be attractive, but the competition here is fierce! You should apply to them – but don’t forget to send an application to small culinary grants as well. The competition here is smaller and therefore provides you with higher chances of getting picked.

Find a Niche

Target grant that are specifically made to cater to certain niches or groups of people. For example, the Arkansas Hospitality Association is limited to high school and undergraduate students who want to proceed to culinary programs. Some grants are limited to certain areas, certain states, certain schools, or certain demographics. Opt for these scholarships – provided that you meet the requirements, of course.

Also note that culinary grants may also be limited to certain aspects of cooking. For example, the grant could be limited to baking, garnishing, healthy cooking, or others. The beauty of culinary is that there is always something new to learn so the cooking niche shouldn’t limit your choices.

High School Guidance Office

You might also want to check with your high school guidance office for scholarships. This would make it easier for you to forge a connection, especially if your school has an agreement with the grant provides, effectively bumping you at the top of the considered list. At the very least, your guidance counselor should be able to guide you and provide an offline source for scholarships which are equally valuable as the online options.

Online Presence

The internet is incredibly powerful nowadays and grants are often given not just to those who have the highest point average but also those who are most dedicated to culinary pursuits. They’ll ascertain this by looking at your online presence and figuring out whether you’re the kind of student who deserves the award. Hence, make your online accounts culinary-inspired. Post pictures about any activity you’ve participated in that involves cooking. Create a blog, follow chefs in Twitter, and essentially make it publicly known that cooking is your passion.

Make a Killer Essay

Almost all scholarships require you to submit an essay as well as fill in a form. Make sure you fill in ALL the fields instead of just inputting the required ones. Studies show that those who just write on the required portions are rarely chosen. Be exhaustive with the information you give – citing as much related data as possible to show them how serious you are about this. Read, reread, and proofread your essay before passing.

Of course, those are just few of the tips on how to boost your chances of getting culinary scholarships. If you’re still in school and intend to pursue culinary work, make sure your grades are at their best, especially with the more important subjects. Good luck!

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